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Tiffany Pham founded Mogul in 2014 to connect women everywhere to knowledge, opinions, and opportunities around the world. Mogul reaches 28 million women per week from 196 countries and more than 30,000 cities.

Tiffany’s impressive journey includes college at Yale, Harvard Business School, top positions at HBO and CBS and 1 million people reached within the first week of launching Mogul. But what stands out the most is Tiffany’s kindness and commitment to giving back. Tiffany receives hundreds of letter per week from fans/strangers and replies to every single one! I find this kind of leadership inspirational!

Tiffany has been named a Forbes “30 Under 30” in Media, Business Insider “30 Most Important Women Under 30” in Technology and ELLE UK “30 Women Under 30 Who Are Changing the World.” These are just a few of her many recognitions. Find out why in this interview. I hope that you enjoy listening to and learning from Tiffany as much as I did!

(Published November 2016)


Here are some of Tiffany’s Interview #TakeAways:

-I learned a lot in the classroom, yet it was often times the things that I did outside of class that taught me the most.

-Knowing that I would start this company one day for women to empower and enable them – and it was as broad as that – knowing that it could be one day this huge translation of this small germ of an idea that I’d had, I then therefore knew that I had to know every facet of the industry inside and out. And how could I do that?  By collaborating on campus with as many students as possible across theater and senior class council – the governmental aspects – to websites by becoming the web master for a number of organizations to publishing and the business and strategy side and finances and operations by leading the school newspaper. So I would start to develop skill sets by throwing myself into activities whereby I could learn outside of the classroom.

-I applied at age 21 to business school and was immediately admitted, however, I asked to take a few years to go into the media industry and be able to learn everything as much as possible before school started.

Jessica Lipps (Interviewer): How did you do so much simultaneously?

Tiffany Pham (Guest)I never got burnt out. I was always so passionate about everything because it was always so much fun for me to be able to learn from the very best.

-I would always reach out to the most incredible people with the hopes that they could teach but I would see it as more of me giving so that then I could learn from them as opposed to them just directly teaching for my own benefit.

-I would see it as – how can I help them, which only then through that collaboration, that partnership, I could learn from them in this way.

-In the end, I was always giving and giving and giving but always as a result learning.

-I would always make sure that I wasn’t spreading myself too thin.

-I would take on these roles and would over deliver on them.

-I would always communicate in advance, find out what would be exceeding expectations and then over-deliver on those expectations. So then ultimately, I could hold these multiple roles and build such strong relationships and such good will among huge networks of amazing rock stars all because I had been a strong collaborator with them on this particular initiative.

-And that of course started the seed of what became ultimately a huge circle of amazing friends who then would recommend me to other people and more people because I had killed it on what at the maybe at the time was a very small role within their project.

-Sometimes it involved very mundane tasks, but I would always put such gusto and such passion into even that most menial task and project that in the end I think that was always so appreciated and then it just rose from there.

Why Tiffany Wanted to Work for Major Media Companies Before Starting Her Own:

-I knew that by working for one of the very best (companies) in the media industry, then I could be at the correct intersection of TV and radio and digital mobile and websites. And so, by being at this very clear-cut intersection, I could be seeing across all facets in one go.

-You can’t be what you can’t see. That’s a philosophy that I generally have in life.

-If you apply it to that time it was perfect to be able to see what we could one day become by seeing the grandeur of CBS and how highly innovative it was and yet also be able to see the weaknesses that might arise when a big bureaucracy is in place and all the various boundaries that are put in when you’re becoming a big corporation.

On Giving Back:

-At some point, I was named on Forbes’ “30 under 30” list in Media. When that first happened, I got a lot of letters from all around the world….asking for advice and guidance. I would find a way to write back to every single letter no matter what it took, every single day.

-I do try by the end of the week to always get through as many emails as possible from all of these young women around the world who still email us.

Jessica: Do you balance?

Tiffany: I find ways to integrate work and life together so that in the end I’m not making a trade-off.

Tiffany Offers 3 Main Pieces of Advice:

1) In terms of your idea: If you ever come up with something amazing in your head, start to vocalize it.  Start to socialize the idea and hear others’ feedback. Stick to what you came up with, but start to incorporate those ideas that you hear around you as well and all together it will become perfect in the meantime.

-Rapidly prototype and iterate towards perfection over time through feedback.

-I can’t tell you how many times I”ll speak to someone and they are afraid to get started because it won’t be perfect at the beginning…don’t let that fear get to you, don’t hesitate just because it won’t be perfect…just go for it, rapidly prototype, do it, and then it will become perfect over time. Don’t worry, it will get there.

2) Next, reach out to the business leaders around you whom you admire but also your peers….who may have incredible resources and connections and friendships that lend to the overall organization growth for the business that you’ve built.

-Speak out, reach out. Warm connections, cold connections, it doesn’t matter. Just feel that courage and confidence to reach out, whoever they may be, and find a way to get in front of them and propose that you do something together, that you collaborate, you partner and find something that’s essentially a win-win situation for you both.

-Don’t have a fear of reaching out. Always voice what it is that you need. Always say what it is that you are currently working on because you’ll be so surprised that… they will very likely have something to share with you that you didn’t consider before – a resource, a connection, a question.

3) The last piece is that in the end, if you always are kind, authentic and generous, you’ll always be giving off the kind of spirit that will take you that much further.


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