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Eugene Drucker, Violinist and Founding Member of the Emerson String Quartet, discusses his background, education and career, including work as a writer and composer.  

As the Quartet celebrates its 40th Anniversary, Eugene reflects on his fondest memories and shares what we can look forward to this Season. Also, Eugene provides advice for those seeking a career in music.

(Published July 2016)






Jessica Lipps: What advice do you have for musicians looking to have a career?

Eugene Drucker: We always say to young string quartets that the first 4-5 years of a quartet’s existence are the hardest.  There are a lot of forces at play.  First of all, how do you make a living? Chances are, you won’t get very high concert fees to begin with; that might come later if you stick with it.  And then there are the difficulties of adjusting to each other’s playing styles and personal styles as well.

A sense of humor is important and keeping in mind your goals, objectives and ideals/dreams.  It’s important to remember your joint goals and to know that after you’ve gotten through the first 4-5 years of a career you’ll be in a better position to take stock of what you’ve accomplished, what your potential will be and what you might realistically hope to achieve over the next 5 years and beyond.

Jessica: So to keep going

Eugene: Yes


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