Hello and Welcome! 

My name is Jessica Lipps and I conduct interviews for the digital media platform Mogul.

I‘ve always been intrigued by celebrities. We see their social media feeds, read magazines and watch entertainment TV but so much of it feels scripted. I’ve often wondered: who are these larger than life figures when you remove the promotion? What’s their journey been, how have they tackled challenges and what makes them tick? 

So here it is – interviews dedicated to sitting down with your favorite celebrities for intimate and in-depth conversations. Their responses are open, honest and real.

I’m excited to share these interviews and hope that you enjoy getting to know – really getting to know! – these celebs and the ‘person behind the personality’ as much as I have. It turns out that they aren’t so different from us (we all have struggles and dreams!), and I hope that their stories and advice will help and inspire you in your journey.